Our programs

We offer a variety of programs to address animal overpopulation and to achieve the following for dogs: rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome.

Dog Adoption

Rescued dogs aren't broken, they've just been dealt a tough hand. Your willingness to bring one home gives them the new lease on life they deserve and revive torn spirits. We strive to place our rescued dogs in forever homes where they will never have to worry about suffering from abuse, neglect, or homelessness ever again. If you're inspired to adopt a dog today, view our available adoptions to change a life.

Virtual Foster

Want to help care for a dog without having to host them in your own home? Become a virtual foster today to help defray the costs associated in rescuing, fostering, and caring for our dogs. We have virtual foster programs starting from as little as $10 and you can even choose your own amount to give on a monthly basis! Every effort counts.

Loving Texas Pet Assistance

This is a shelter intervention program that helps dogs stay out of shelters located in Loving, Texas. Follow LTPA on Facebook and Instagram.