Our board members

Tami Baumann


Tami Baumann is the President and Founder of Ghetto Rescue FFoundation, a Los Angeles based street and shelter dog rescue and community pet assistance program.  

Tami is a lifelong animal advocate with over thirty years of relevant canine experience including rehabilitation, apprehension, operations and legal knowledge. She has worked as a street cop for the Los Angeles Police Department for over twenty-four years.   

She has successfully blended her career and her street dog experience, developing an innovative model of dog rescue, which is bringing continued awareness to the plight of unwanted dogs.  Ghetto Rescue’s significant results have been achieved under her leadership.

Tami is the recipient of the NACA’s 2016 Diane Lane Award for outstanding volunteer service.  She was featured on the Animal Rescue television series and subject of the “Ghetto Rescue:  Police officers help stray dogs find new homes” episode, 2013.

Most notably she was the subject of the Hallmark TV Movie, “Accidental Friendship.”  The film was based on the true-life experience of her encounter and friendship with a homeless woman and her beloved pets, 2007.

Tami has established a track record of rescue that includes a very strong rehabilitation base in preparing rescued dogs for their forever homes. Her advocacy is “stay focused on the dog,” relating to the intensive adoption-directed development of dogs in the care of Ghetto Rescue FFoundation. 

Ghetto Rescue’s unprecedented practice of carefully matching adopters with dogs, extensive preparation, including free training and continued medical care when necessary, assigning field support to all adopted dogs, results in an extremely low return rate. Tami’s rescue work extends beyond the boundaries of Ghetto Rescue FFoundation, as she counsels individuals wanting to surrender dogs, and provides coaching and support to other rescues. 

In addition, she has expanded to her home state of Texas, forming Loving Texas Pet Assistance where she is a steering a committee of volunteers and animal lovers to progressive shelter intervention programs and community assistance.   Tami is a leader in the field of animal welfare and has dedicated her life to saving and serving dogs, providing the leadership to create a sustainable model of lowering the stray population, providing assistance for the future, and changing the paradigm.



Krista Lowman is an Oncology Specialist with Amgen biotech in Thousand Oaks, California. She received her bachelors degree from the University of California, San Diego. Krista has spent her entire career working for fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, holding positions at the senior executive level. She has won numerous accolades such as the prestigious Presidents Cup, District Representative of the Year and Most Valuable Player award. Although she loves working in an industry that helps people, her entire life, she has also had a passion for helping animals. 

Krista joined Ghetto Rescue FFoundation in 2013 as a volunteer and found that she could have a positive impact on the lives of some of the neediest animals, which she finds very fulfilling. She donates her time with GRFF because she believes in the positive impact this rescue has on  the welfare of animals. Krista resides in Huntington Beach with her husband (Scott), two children (Ava and Wyatt) and three GRFF rescue dogs (Titus, Sophie and Allie).



Jan Keith was destined to be an animal advocate.  Growing up in Long Beach, California in the 50s & 60s, she brought home cats, dogs, birds, turtles, bunnies, chickens and an unnamed variety of other species.  Her parents actually tolerated this annoying habit and soon the family was sharing their home with a small zoo.  Animal welfare was in her DNA. 

Throughout the years Jan has helped save the lives of countless needy creatures, including her attempt to save the life of a Canada Goose she named "Gregory", that had been caught up in fishing line at a local pond.    With the aid of professional bird-catchers Jan enlisted, Gregory the Goose was saved from a certain slow and painful death.  

As a young adult and new mom, Jan and her husband Robin, tried to instill in their sons, compassion and respect for ALL living things.  The belief that "actions speak louder than words" rang true in their home.  However, words can be powerful, too.  Consequently, it was commonplace to see Jan's editorials and letters to the editor in the newspaper calling out the cruelty of Breed Specific Legislation, dog racing, rodeos, the Goose liver pate´ industry, fur industry, puppy mills, etc.  She challenged the leadership in all levels of government: cities, counties, states and even the federal government when it came to speaking out on behalf of animals everywhere.  

Jan has been active her entire life in animal welfare associations.   She was Secretary of the Orange County Animal Assistance League; co-founder of The NeedleNose Crew (ex-racing Greyhounds); assistant "chief" to Dr. Paula Terifaj and ROVERlution (anti-BSL/pro pit bull) group; active member of Irish Wolfhound Rescue; and currently serves on the executive board of Ghetto Rescue FFoundation.  

Jan says, "There's little else more gratifying or more important in this life than giving comfort, compassion, hope and love to those who have no voice.  I'll always be humbled by the happy face and tail-wagging butt of a dog that has gone from the streets to the sheets!"

debi struthers


Debi’s love for animals started at a very young age.  She was raised on a small ranch in Cerritos where she helped her parents take care of cows, horses, sheep, goats, chickens, pigs and many kitties and pups over the years.

She is a retired employee of the Automobile Club of Southern California with 39 years of service.  She has multiple professional insurance certifications as well as being certified in Process Reengineering and Six Sigma.  Her positions at the Auto Club included Trainer, Work Measurement and Statistics Analyst, Process Redesign Consultant and Strategy and Planning Consultant for the Executive Staff. 


After her retirement, she was looking for another rewarding career and joined Ghetto Rescue FFoundation.  In her time with Ghetto Rescue, she has completed the Board of Equalization training for Non Profits and attended the Best Friends annual conference for animal welfare.  Debi has been instrumental in fundraising and stewarding donor relationships for Ghetto Rescue.



Sometimes healing comes in much unexpected ways. Libby is crazy about dogs and cares passionately about rescue! Few things bring as much joy to Libby’s life as a rescued dog. Every rescued dog that has been healed and given a new life reminds her of what is possible even when life has not always been kind. A rescue that goes from fearful and hesitant to brave and trusting is one of the best teachers Libby can have. 

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Libby has always been moved by the plight of street dogs. As a child she was exposed to human and animal abuse. Those life’s experiences left scars in her heart, scars that reopened when she visited PR in the summer of 2015. Being there brought back a lot of memories and raw pain at the realization that not much had changed in the 28 years that she had been gone. As a child, she tired her parents by bringing dogs home. However, they would almost immediately be returned to the streets, far enough where she could not look for them. This brought much stress and pain to her. Many of the dogs she picked up were a mirror of her life, and she desperately wanted to make things better for them. 

Fortunately, when Libby was older, there was nothing preventing her from helping. In 2015, she picked up the first eight dogs from PR (also known as “Satos”) and flew them to Los Angeles where Ghetto Rescue FFoundation (GRFF) went to work to care for them and to find their forever families. Since that time, she has made numerous trips to the island, bringing back more than 30 dogs to GRFF. 

Libby also works with local volunteers in Vega Baja, PR to rescue, provide food, and veterinary care, including sterilization, for local street dogs. Additionally, she volunteers in different aspects of rescue, including fostering, a most rewarding experience. 

There’s nothing Libby finds more gratifying than taking a dog that has been abandoned, neglected, or abused and placing him or her in the safety of the rescuer’s arms and knowing that the worst is over. She reassures each one that no matter how hard it gets, she will walk together with him or her until a forever worthy family is found.

Libby enjoys watching I Love Lucy, gardening, reading, cooking for her dogs, spending time with her friends, and more importantly her husband and family (fur and humans).